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  1. New content on IFCN website

    New content on IFCN website Dear Clinical Neurophysiology Colleagues, Greetings from the IFCN! We are excited to share with you extensive new content just published…

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  2. Masterclass by IFCN

    Masterclass by IFCN – TMS Measures of Corticospinal and Motor Cortical Excitability Dear NVKNF Members, It is now time to mark your calendar and register…

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  3. Digitaal

  4. Sprekers

  5. Masterclass by IFCN: Neuromuscular Ultrasound in Neuropathies

    Masterclass by IFCN – Neuromuscular Ultrasound in Neuropathies Dear NVKNF Members, Our new series of webinars, Masterclass by IFCN, is continuing to enjoy great success…

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  6. IFCN – Message from President

    IFCN – Message from the President Dear Colleagues, On behalf of the IFCN Executive Committee (ExCo), I want to thank the Member Societies that cast…

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  7. Voorjaarsvergadering 2021

  8. IFCN – Masterclass 5 December

    IFCN – Masterclass Professor David Burke Dear NVKNF-member, Our new series of webinars, Masterclass by IFCN, has premiered to great success. Our first two lectures…

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  9. KNF-examen 2020

  10. ACNS: News letter October

    ACNS: News letter October 2021 Annual Meeting: Call for E-Poster Abstracts The ACNS Program Committee is now accepting e-poster abstracts for the 2021 Annual Meeting.…

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