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  1. EMEAC-IFCN: Education Scholarships 2020

    EMEAC-IFCN: Eduction Scholarships 2020  The EMEAC- IFCN is pleased to announce the availability of 10 education scholarships of up to €2,500 each that will be…

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  2. EMEAC-IFCN: Notice of forthcoming elections

    EMEAC-IFCN: notice of forthcoming elections for two members-at-large   Dear National Society Colleagues, We hope you have had a good summer. This is the first…

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  3. Proefschrift Marjolein M. Admiraal

    EEG reactivity for prognostication after cardiac arresta EEG reactivity for prognostication after cardiac arrest Proefschrift Marjolein M. Admiraal Promotoren: prof. dr. Marcus .J. Schultz, prof.…

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  4. Aankondiging KNF-nascholingsexamen

    Aankondiging KNF-nascholingsexamen Vorig jaar hebben 351 personen aan het KNF-nascholingsexamen deelgenomen -het hoogste aantal in de afgelopen vijf jaar- en ook dit jaar zal het…

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  5. Update Commissie Richtlijnen

    Update Commissie Richtlijnen Zoals besproken op de ledenvergadering in Maart 2019, zal de Richtlijnencommissie de protocollen op de NVKNF website vernieuwen. Van de leden kwam het…

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  6. KNF-examen 2019

  7. Zenuwecho Download Vervolg

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  10. ICCN 2022

    ICCN 2022  Suggestions for the programme  On behalf of the local Organizing Committee for the 32nd Congress of International Clinical Neurophysiology of the IFCN (November…

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